About “Quo Vadis? Time Traveler”

“Quo Vadis?” is Latin, and means, in flowery translation, “Whither goest thou?”

“Quo Vadis? Time Traveler” is a journey through time. No particular agenda or destination. Just wandering about the ghosted house of the past to see what interesting things we may find there.

It is a house of many rooms. Enter any one you wish.

History in Cynemascope

The Stuff of Dreams

The Origins of our Holidays

Fisherman’s Paradise

2 thoughts on “About “Quo Vadis? Time Traveler””

  1. Hello. I found my way to your site after reading an article you published in 2016 about the History of Lake O. I appreciated the way you kept my head above water with your humor and gift for telling a story, while my heart sank as the magnitude of the ignorance and hubris became shockingly clear. I have posted it on the South Florida Clean Water Movement FB page, and it has been shared numerous times. Thank you for sharing this important story that illuminates the history of water mismanagement in FL and the devastating effect we are currently experiencing. Please tell this story again and again.


    • How kind of you to comment, and so eloquently. Thank you for sharing the story. May I suggest that you also read “River Rising.” I call it my love song to the river; it is a rather lyrical history of the Caloosahatchee from the ending of the last ice age to the present, and if you read closely, it suggests its future. Hint—it’s in the title.


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